Avajar Perfect V Lifting Premium Eye Mask (2 sets)

Avajar Perfect V Lifting Premium Eye Mask (2 sets)

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Anti-Aging - Brightening - Nourishing - Elasticity - Wrinkle Care

Worry about the lack of elasticity in the skin around your eyes?

Other eye-patches on the market have no grip and slip slowly down your face leaving you lying back if you want them to have any chance of staying in place.  Avajar's Perfect V Lifting Premium Eye Mask uses a special fabric that has great elasticity and ability to revert back to its original size.  It not only helps with the wrinkles found under the eyes but also allows the user to target and lift the crows feet found at the corner of the eyes as the user pulls and stretches the patch in place.  



Eternyskin - Developed by Cognis in Germany, has an abundance of beta-glucan which includes the extract of the Mitake Mushroom, boosts the synthesis of collagen; this increases the elasticity in select collagen found inside the skin which allows the increase of collagen from inside the skin.   

Actiwhite a natural ingredient which was developed by Germany's BASF, the world's largest producer of ingredients for makeup, passes through the skin and boosts the brightening effects. 

Tartaric Acid - The acidity in healthy skin appears as slightly acidic; the tartaric acid found in fruits adjusts the pH in the skin so that the active ingredients can pass through, helping the user maintain healthy looking skin. 

Nicotinamide - Brightening effects as well as the ability to prevent breakouts such as acne.  A form of vitamin B3 that improves skin tone, reduces loss of moisture in the skin as well as improving the moisture contents which helps prevent the degeneration of cells.