Wedding Beauty Prep

Hair and Beauty preparation for weddings

Weddings! Raven has been inundated with the flourish of wedding fever over the last few weeks from the hen nights to the beautiful day. There was no way we could pass through the season without talking through the best times to get your beauty needs met coming up to your big day. Raven talks to our professionals and asks when is the best time to get each treatment.



Most brides have dreamt about their wedding day most of their lives. It's a day that the focus is totally on you, where you are surrounded by all the important people in your life. International make up artist Nadine Reid says; "it's important to work on your skin leading up to the day as most brides want that glowy, dewy skin. Have a trial 3-6 months in advance to work on what products sit and last on your skin tone." She adds; "do not let a makeup artist draw a new face on you on your big day, believe me, your husband-to-be won't like it!!! Be the best possible version of yourself. On the day itself carry blotting sheets (in a bridesmaid's bag) and also remember to buy the lipstick the makeup artist is using on you on the day so you can do touch-ups for photos and after eating".



That brings us to skin. From the moment you start planning your wedding you should get serious about your skincare regime. Regular facials to get the blood flowing and oxygen pumping to the skin, drinking lots of water and keeping your skin hydrated can't be overlooked either. Serums work wonders for an extra boost of moisture and exfoliation works to get rid of dead skin cells, letting your skin breath will all make your skin glow if you are consistent. Marina Graville, Raven Beauty Pro, says; "brides-to-be should start getting deep cleanse facials a few months before the Wedding Day. Ask your beauty professional for advice on your specific skincare needs. If you need to be mindful of breakouts or have Rosacea that needs treating, any laser skin treatments for burst blood vessels or excess hair should be done well in advance. On the days leading up to the wedding, ask your professional about a skin brightening facial that will help your skin glow on the day and look fresh".



Choosing a tan for your special day can be daunting. Every bride has nightmares about turning into an umpa lumpa on the day or being patchy, and every therapist worries about the beautiful designer dress if the bride doesnt follow advice. Beauty expert Deirdre Deegan for Raven says; "it's important to trial before the day so you can assess how dark you want to be, how different tan sits on your skin and to get used to the preparation and the aftercare. For the wedding itself, it's important to get your tan done two days before to allow tan to settle on the skin nicely".



Having your regular hair stylist tend to your tresses on the day is ideal, they know your hair inside out and it relieves anxiety coming up to the big day. Alas, it's not always possible, not all hairstylists are masters of wedding hair leaving you searching for another stylist. Do your research; social media, asking friends and looking for a stylist that matches your style is important. Have a trial 2-3 months before your day, start building a Pinterest board so you and your stylist are on the same page. Let your stylist know if you have a head piece or a veil.

Getting your roots done before is always nerve wrecking, allow one week for your colour to settle and if you have greys/quick root growth get a touch up/masking a couple of days before and try not to do a dramatic hair change beforehand. Cutting your hair regularly will keep your hair looking its best, try to add nourishing treatments each time to keep your hair shiny. Wash your hair the night before using a professional shampoo and only condition the very ends lightly. This ensures that your hair is not too soft for your stylist and lasts right up till the wee hours.



Raven Nail Expert, Rachel Campion, says; "nails are very much a feature on a brides wedding day from the ring exchange to the cake cutting. Play around with nail shapes and colours and find a nail technician that you trust. For acrylics or gel allow a week before the day. They last with little regrowth and no chips. For shellac two to three days before and for a simple manicure the day before if possible. Keeping your nails and cuticles in check for the months before will make your manicures last so much longer".


Also, remember on the day to have your bridesmaid carry your beauty SOS kit, consisting of nail polish in the required shade for emergencies, hairspray, blotting sheets, lipstick, hair pins and baby wipes. For wedding beauty advice or enquiries get in touch with the beauty team at