Top 6 New Year Beauty Resolutions

Top 6 new year's resolutions from Raven App

So we begin the year with a clean slate, a new chapter, the first page of 365. We can revamp ourselves and make the most of our bodies, improving our health and happiness for the New Year. Let's start with a BANG........



We had to start with the obvious, there is no better time to start an exercise routine than the start of the year; it's cold, we are sick of eating and we usually have a few weeks to wait for a paycheck. Take up running in the park there are lots of clubs around, or simply take the dog for an extra walk every morning. If you start the day off well it usually continues this way. Exercise pumps oxygen around the body and wakes up your skin cells giving you that much-needed glow after Xmas. Track your progress with a FitBit wristband it also helps track your sleep, multitasking and it looks slick.



Our hair isn’t called our 'crowning glory' for nothing. It's usually the first thing people notice about us and it's the one thing that can make or break our day, so why do we abuse it so much? Commit to a trim every 6/8 weeks to keep it looking strong and while you're at it indulge in a treatment every couple of weeks. Raven's fav is Kerastase Masque Elixir. This treatment is blended with oils to help nourish dry ends and return it to its lustrious self. We have to wear our hair everyday after all so give it the love it deserves.



Your spots, your shellac, your grey hairs out, your cuticles. Just Stop!!! Aggravating your skin by picking your spots will just make it worse and cause infection. Try Pro X spot fading Treatment by Olay. Never strip your own shellac.It is our guilty pleasure too but we can strip away the first layer of our nails and destroy the nail bed.  Same goes for picking cuticles.Infected nails are not sexy. Use Cuticle oil from Essie with added almond oil for richness.



Not many of us enjoy a trip to the dentist but it is so important to keep up these appointments every six months. Oral health is important to our overall health. Let's face it we all want our teeth to have that 1000 watt shine and blinding whiteness. In-between appointments order some Crest Whitening Strips. Pop these on for half hour before bed for amazing white teeth. Clean, white teeth make us look younger and makes brighter lipstick pop.



We are all guilty of it, wearing the same make up day in day out. We know how to do it off by heart, we have a quick routine and we feel comfortable. The problem is it's 5 years later and we are still rocking the same look. It is worth booking an appointment with a Pro to give you some fresh ideas and quick solutions to problems. They can tell you how to accentuate your best parts and play down the bits you're not so keen on. Nothing like a good change to remind people how amazing you are. Raven Loves Chanel Rouge Lipstick.



Often seen as luxury, you can never understand the benefits of a good pedi till you have had one. Getting rid of all that hard skin that accumulated after the Winter months is the best feeling. And starting the year off with pretty toes means you are always ready for those party shoes. Keep discoloured nails looking pretty with a light pink OPI inbetween appointments.

Off we go to start 2016 looking and feeling amazing... We will keep you updated on our progress.