Top 3 Products for Long Haul Flights

3 Products to bring with you on long haul flights

Long haul flights can cause havoc with our bodies. We fly away on business or pleasure wanting to look our best when we arrive. Quite often we land looking like we have been dragged through a hedge. Raven have discovered some tips and products that will help you feel your best when you touch down.



It may look a little creepy to your neighbour while flying but trust us 10 minutes with this face mask on your face will make your skin as radiant as a babies bottom. This cotton mask rehydrates parched skin and fills it with vitamins, amino acids and minerals, leaving the skin with a refeshed glow of a 12 hour sleep. Japanese women have been know to use one every night for 90 days before their weddings. Use half an hour before touch down to land feeling refreshed and cool.


2. EIGHT HOUR CREAM by Elizabeth Arden

Okay, Okay, this is probably already in your handbag but please remember to use it. Raven also loves the hydrating skin cream which can still slather on our lips and hands. Eight hour cream is pretty much an all-rounder. This magic, cult product can moonlight as a hair serum, moisturiser, antiseptic for chapped skin and a highlighter for lips and cheekbones when stuck. Never leave home without it.



This is a little slice of luxury but you are worth it. We have all been there, stuck in an air deprived cabin for hours we pick up some unwanted odours. Just before we exit our flight a little hair mist can make us feel fresh again. Let's face it when we smell good we feel good. Raven loves SHU UEMURA absolute nourishing dry oil. This gives the hair some much needed moisture and the aroma is delicious. We also have a soft spot for BURBERRY BRIT RHYTHM HAIR MIST for something a little more swish swish. Who wouldn’t want expensive smelling hair? It definitely sets you up to handle anything.

We have decided our new year's resolution is all about looking after YOUR beauty needs, after all, there is only one YOU!