The Five Most Underestimated Beauty Products

The Five Most Under-estimated Beauty Products from Raven App



With the hole in the ozone layer getting bigger by the day, we really have no excuse to skip this step in our morning routine. Even on rainy days, UV rays can penetrate the skin causing cancer and wrinkles. Sunscreen also protects us against pigmentation, burn and development of brown spots. With advancements in makeup meaning most lipsticks and foundations come with factor included, we really have no excuse. Aim for no less than factor 20.


Flossing is more effective than brushing alone at removing food particles. It gets in-between teeth and removes bacteria from the gum line which causes gum disease and tooth loss. Neglecting to floss is also linked to bigger issues such as Diabetes and heart disease. Flossing regularly will also save you money in dentist bills in the future by keeping a check on tartar buildup.



We never really know why after a manicure we have oil applied to our nails! Well cuticle oil is used on the rough skin around our nails to prevent ripping and tearing and to give the nail a better appearance as it grows and to prevent infection. It is packed with vitamin E and usually almond or avocado oil. Pop a few drops on before bed at night in between manicures to keep nails in tip top condition.



Over the last decade, women have become addicted to heated appliances. Hair dryers, straight irons, and tongs are an everyday routine, and with the heat being notched up to 220 degrees, we really need to protect our hair. A spray or cream heat protection acts as a barrier between our hair and styling tool. This prevents burning, frazzled and porous hair and stops colour fading prematurely.



The skin around our eyes is more delicate than almost anywhere else on the body.It is the first place we can see signs of tiredness, age, dehydration and dark circles. Eye cream can give this area a much-needed boost and some brightness. Choose one with hydraulic acid, retinol and vitamin C for best results.