Is Dry Shampoo Making Us Bald?

Is dry shampoo making us bald?

Raven LOVES dry shampoo in all shapes, sizes, and textures and now with companies rocking pocket sized versions all we can say is…..Yay! Every woman on our contact list has at least one bottle of dry shampoo at the ready at all times. Let's face it, dry shampoo has got us out of many late mornings or after work drinks and freshened us up before a meeting. So why is dry shampoo getting such bad press lately? With articles on it making women lose hair in areas…is dry shampoo making us bald?

Thankfully, the answer is no BUT in order for hair to grow strong it has to have a healthy environment. Using dry shampoo the right way can make all the difference. Here are a few tips from Team Raven.

  1. Dry shampoo is not a substitute for actual shampoo and is not a cleanser at all. Dry shampoo simply dries out oily roots and disguises odours. Only use dry shampoo in between washes, not as an alternative.
  2. Don’t spray too close to the scalp… The scalp needs a clean, healthy base for the hair follicles to come through. Spraying dry shampoo directly on the roots causes build up and blocks pores and follicles on the scalp. Hold dry shampoo 8-10 inches away from the scalp so the product disperses evenly.
  3. Go for a good brand with quality ingredients and aim for an aerosol as opposed to a powder which might clog pores. We love a good powder but purely for volume and only on the mid lengths of hair. When spraying dry shampoo into your hair it's a good idea to flip your head upside down. This allows you to give the hair some body as well as loosening any access product.
  4. It seems an obvious one but WASH YOUR HAIR! Yes most of us know we have to wash our hair but we for sure know a few friends that will try and get a week out of a "dry shampoo wash”. It's so important to remove the product every couple of days to prevent build-up, dry scalp or clogged pores.

On the plus side did you know you could use dry shampoo as a body builder to give texture and a beachy vibe on the ends??? Dry shampoo will never leave our emergency kits at Raven, as long as we remember that it's for hair emergencies only!!