4 Tips To Prep For Treatments

4 Tips to prep before a beauty treatment

We book our treatments and are always excited about feeling good after. Why do so many of us feel embarrassed about asking simple questions about preparation during treatments? We feel we should know the answers already! NONSENSE! Raven answers all the questions you might be too afraid to ask.



Shower, shave and exfoliate the night before your spray tan. We like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Gentle body exfoliant. Moisturise with a non-oily moisturiser concentrating on knees, backs of ankles and elbows. The skin is rougher in these areas so tan can accumulate if not moisturised properly. Shower the morning of your treatment again use non-oily shower gel and no moisturiser. It is better to remove all undergarments before an as it allows for full coverage without lines. If you are too embarrassed, leave on some underwear but remember tan stains. Afterwards, wear loose fitting clothes and shoes until your tan dries to avoid streaking.



For best results arrive for your stylist with dry, day old hair. This allows the hair to have the movement and grit that the stylist needs to manoeuvre your hair into a shape easily and pins and clips stay put all day long. The only exception to this is if you suffer from oily hair. Wash your hair the morning of with a volumising shampoo, we like Kerastase Bain Volumifique. Inform your stylist you have done this and so they can adjust their tools and products for lasting results. Also don’t be afraid to arrive with a couple of photos/magazine cutouts of desired hair for the day. It is easier for everyone.



Ahhh the dreaded waxing. What should we leave, what should we take off? What should we wear? Waxing is so personal; some people like to be natural with a little maintenance some hate any hair from the nose down. Wax experts have seen it all and it is all normal.If it's a Hollywood you will have to go commando, but otherwise, you can leave underwear on and your expert will pop some clean tissue between you and your underwear to stop wax spills. Exfoliating gently the area near your legs the night before will help avoid dreaded ingrown hairs, and a little tea tree oil afterwards helps avoid infection.



There is always the awkward moment just before you get on the bed. Should we have left our bra on? Oh no my legs are not shaved. No need to worry, all a masseuse is worried about is whether you are comfortable and relaxed. It is best to leave your underwear on but remove your bra. Exfoliating the night before will allow the oils to be absorbed by the skin better. Drink plenty of water afterwards as all the toxins are being flushed out. If you have specific areas that you would like the masseuse to work on/or avoid like back or shoulders, it's good to voice this before in order to get the best from your treatment.